World Distance Learning Day

Embrace the Untraditional Learning

After the Covid-19 pandemic, distance learning and teaching has become increasingly popular and its effectiveness has been proven throughout the world. Today is distance learning day, a day to celebrate and inform ourselves about how distance learning can be one of the most useful tools of learning, while being as effective as in-class learning.

History of Distance Learning

Distance learning, now associated with online learning, began its journey as shorthand mailing in England where students would send their transcriptions to be corrected by teachers.

With the introduction of Radio and then TV, technology played an important role in the development of Distance Learning. These platforms allowed information to be broadcasted  to students, enabling synchronised distance learning. People would gather around the TV or radio at a certain time together, in different places such as their homes.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, most educational organisations shifted to this convenient method of learning worldwide and now, distance learning is mainly associated with online learning and the two have coalesced into one term.

Benefits of Distance Learning

For many of our students, distance learning may be the best choice. For all of our English courses, Docklands Academy London offers distance learning exclusively online so that you can experience the thrill of learning at your own convenience.

 Right now, we provide synchronous distance learning. At the same time as you study with one of our instructors, you will have the exact same educational experience as an on-campus student. When you select one of our distance learning online courses, we can bring the education to you, so you don’t need to be in London. Anywhere you choose to study turns into a classroom, making it a fantastic method for flexible learning. Consequently, you won’t have to pay for a visa or housing

while still receiving an excellent education from us. These sessions are always enjoyable to attend and will also be customised to meet your needs.

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