International Youth Day

International Youth Day was established by the United Nations to draw attention to the challenges that young people face on a daily basis. This day allows youth to express themselves and generate possibilities. It allows them to take the first steps toward broadening their opportunities. The theme for 2022 is “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating A World For All Ages.”

Creating A World For All Ages: Leave No One Behind



When provided with knowledge and opportunity, youth is the perfect force for development in the society, especially if they are given the change to thrive. This year’s International Youth Day is dedicated to draw attention to ageism, which effects the youth and society as a whole. The youth’s issues with employment, health, and justice are becoming increasingly severe as a result of age-related discrimination. Injustice and prejudice based on age is widespread in society, and this day tries to draw attention to it. Discrimination affects young people in a variety of ways, but it is possible to overcome it by educating individuals of all ages. Discrimination  against young people can be avoided.


They must, in particular, obtain the appropriate education and expertise. In addition to getting the requisite education and abilities, there is a critical need for work possibilities that will allow young people to enter the labour field. Docklands Academy London believes in the power of education, training, and obtaining job experience and since their establishment, all of our partner restaurants and hotel have been highly open to young learners seeking experience with no prior expertise in the field. Creating a youth-friendly workplace is one approach to combat prejudice, and the power of training is the most effective strategy to erase biases. 


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