English Courses

Do I Need A UK Visa To Study English In The UK?

If you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen who will be in the UK for less than 6 months and are 18 or older, you simply need a passport that is valid for the entire period you will be in the UK. If you are not a citizen of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland, but intend to study for more than 6 months, you may require a visa, which you should check here: https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

Can I change my General English course to an IELTS or any other English course?

Yes, students may switch their courses after the entrance exam is succesfully completed but keep in mind that some differences in payment might occur. More information can be found here

What is the English language teaching methodology at Docklands Academy London?

We follow a communicative approach, which promotes personal expression and simulates natural, real world scenarios to encourage development of fluency, accuracy and confidence in English language communication

Can I work?

If you came with a visa for General English Language studies or tourist visa, you can only do voluntary work with charities that are registred with our Academy.

Will a General English Language class help me to reach my own personal goals?

Our provision is bespoke. From your first encounter with Docklands Academy London, your individual needs and goals will be assessed and understood. From there, ongoing tutorials and tailor-made learning activities will allow you to both progress towards your personal targets and also to monitor and reflect upon your progression.

Higher Education Courses

What courses are on offer?

You can see all the courses we offer here.

I am unsure about which course to choose

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, email info@docklandsacademy.co.uk and/or contact our academic department for consultation and we will make sure your query is answered. You can also join one of our Open Evenings where our Careers Advisors will be on hand to offer advice and guidance.

How long does each term last?

10 weeks

When can I get my certificate/diploma for HE courses?

You can receive your certificate/diploma after the DAL Assessment Board related to your cohort is held and a Pearson External Examiner checks all the student work and validates it.

Can I apply for a Higher Education Course if I'm an International Student?

Right now, you can apply for a Higher Education Course only if you hold rights to live in the UK such as a citizenship or EU Settlement

What is the weekly schedule?

You can enrol to weekday (Monday-Tuesday) or weekend (Saturday-Sunday) classes. Each day consists of 4 sessions between 9.00 and 16.00.

HE Student Admissions

When are the application periods?

We recruit students on a termly basis; Autumn, Spring and Summer. Many of our courses do fill up quickly, so it is best to apply at least 4 weeks before each term starts.

What are entry requirements?

You can see all the entry requirements here. Click on the course you are interested in and see the requirements.

Am I eligible for funding?

You can find out more about student funding from Student Finance England at: www.gov.uk/student-finance or https://www.ucas.com/finance/undergraduate-tuition-fees-and-student-loans. Also, we provide comprehensive student support and guidance regarding student finance. Please contact our Head of Admissions Ms.Rose Aslan for more details.

What happens next?

When we receive your application, we will email or call you to let you know your application has been received. Our Admissions team will then process your application. You will be asked to provide the required documentation. If you are eligible for any of our courses, we will invite you to an Entry Test and an interview where you will be able to discuss your options and course choice(s); we will give you feedback on your application result in 3 working days. You can also discuss any support you might need.

How do I get a reference?

A reference is a written recommendation from a teacher, advisor, or professional who knows you academically or professionally. You can use this sample reference request letter and send it to your line manager or the relevant person. You can also find comprehensive information on references at https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate/applying-university/how-get-ucas-undergraduate-reference.

General Student Admissions

Which procedure should I follow if I want to appeal against something?

If you wish to appeal against something, extensive information can be found here:

What if I arrive late or don't show up for class?

Absenteeism is strongly discouraged by the Academy and an overall attendance of 85% is required. If a student arrives to class more than 15 minutes late, entrance may be refused unless there are valid justifications. More information can be found here

What pastoral care and welfare services are available for me during my study?

The Academy takes its duty to look out for students’ best interests extremely seriously. All students who may be having concerns, such as issues with their coursework, difficulties adjusting, homesickness, bullying, financial troubles, problems with their health and wellness, family issues, or any type of abuse, can contact the administration team and the student welfare services. More information can be found here

How much does it cost to study at Docklands Academy?

Information about fees can be found here: https://docklandsacademy.co.uk/course-price-lists/ and the fee calculator for English Courses can be found here: https://docklandsacademy.co.uk/fees

How is my progress monitored?

For English Language students, we do tutorials with the students individually, where we set and monitor the progression towards individual goals with the help of weekly progress tests in class. For Higher Education students, we have an ongoing record of monitoring formative and summative assignments and attendance. We hold regular tutorials, Individual Learning Plans (ILP), Needs Analyses with our students to monitor their progress and reflect on their development needs. We have thorough RAG rated attendance records where lecturers note down individual progression comments about each student. Effective and rigorous internal verification arrangements as well as accurate and systematic tracking spreadsheets of assessment decisions are in place. Learner assessed work and achievement tracking and internal verification records are stored electronically and securely.

Is there any social programme?

Yes, we have a monthly social programme calender, which you can find here.

How can I open a bank account?

You need to fill in “Student Letter & Certificate Request Form”, which you can obtain from either reception or contacting Student Services.

Can I get a refund?

The information about refunds can be found here

Can I go for a holiday during the course?

For HE students, you are expected to be present during term times. You can take a holiday only during term breaks. For English Language students, you may take a break after you have spent some time learning but we recommend taking short breaks. Long breaks might interfere with your studies and focus.

Can I get a student oyster card?

The Academy is a registred institution on the TFL database, so all full time students can have student oyster cards.

Is it possible to get an airport transfer?

Yes, we have airport transfer services available. For more information about the transfer and the fees you can contact us by sending your flight details

What are my accommodation options?

For accommodation you might want to stay with a host family, rent a place or book a homestay. For most up to date options, you can contact us via e-mail or telephone.

How do I apply?

You can apply by contacting us via e-mail, telephone or visiting our campus.

How will my application be evaluated?

All applicants can be assured that at Docklands Academy London (DAL), we take a holistic approach to your application and consider it as a whole when we receive your results. If you have not quite met the conditions of your offer, we may still consider your application – giving you the best opportunity to fulfil your potential.

Do I need to pay for enrolment or any other hidden fees?

For General English students, there is a registration fee of 50 £ and for HE Students, a processing fee of not more than GBP £300.00 may be collected from students

Where can I get a copy of my transcript?

There is a fee for copies of your transcript as well as fees associated with preferred method of delivery (ie courier, fax, etc.). Contact Admissions Team or call 02075159695. You may also e-mail info@docklandsacademy.co.uk.


What are my accommodation options?

For accommodation you might want to stay with a host family, rent a place or book a homestay. For most up to date options, you can contact us via e-mail or telephone.

What is the minimum age for accommodation?

The student requesting accommodation from the Academy must be 16 years old or over.

What are the rules I have to follow in the accommodation?

The rules and other details about accommodations and stays can be found here

FAQs on Health and Safety

What provisions exist for students with learning/other disabilities or illness?

Docklands Academy encourages all students to study with us, regardless of any disability or illness. Education is a right that everyone should be able to experience, and we will always do our best to accommodate a student’s needs.

Upon application, students must note any mental or physical illness or disability that could have an effect on their ability to successfully complete their program, or affect another student or member of staff during their stay. It is also important for us to know if there is any risk of needing emergency treatment or intervention, or any special accommodation requirements, so we are well equipped to deal with any potential problems. In the unlikely event that a student becomes too much of a risk in terms of their own health and the health of other students and staff, or is unlikely to complete their programme, their application or enrolment may be regretfully ended. Any refunds will be decided on a case by case basis.

What health and safety policies do you have at Docklands Academy, London?

Docklands Academy, London recognises its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and related legislation. The company will, in the conduct of its activities and so far as is reasonably practicable:

Protect the health and safety of its employees and others that may be affected by its activities.

Limit adverse effects on the physical environment in which those activities are carried out.

Docklands Academy, London recognises that the skills and energies of its employees are amongst its greatest assets and it has a responsibility to provide for their welfare and equally for its learners, contractors, vendors and visitors. So far as is reasonably practicable, Docklands Academy, London will:

Provide and maintain safe working environments and practices that do not constitute risks to health, safety and welfare.

Formulate standards and policies that comply with relevant statutory requirements in respect of health, safety, welfare and the environment, as they affect employees, learners and the public.

Actively promote a positive health and safety culture through the development of good practice

Safeguard employees, learners and all others from foreseeable hazards with regard to health, safety or the environment, in current processes, practices and working systems.

Ensure that, when new substances, plant, machinery, equipment, processes or premises are introduced, adequate guidance, instruction and supervision are provided for safe methods of work to be developed.

Train employees to be aware of their own responsibilities in respect of health, safety, welfare and environmental matters, and to ensure they actively participate in good practice that leads to the prevention of accidents and occupational and non-occupational injuries and diseases.

How is health and safety policy implemented?

Particular implementation tasks include:,

Issuing a local safety statement; setting out the detail of how this policy is to be applied to all employees and all other visitors.

Allocation of sufficient resources to operate and maintain safe and healthy places of work.

Ensuring adequate information is clearly displayed on specific hazards applicable to each site.

Promotion of effective participation by all employees in joint consultation on health and safety matters.

Provision of adequate fire protection, first aid equipment and health monitoring procedures at all sites.

Actively encourage and take account of feedback on health, safety and environmental issues at the appropriate forums to review and continually improve current policy and procedures.

What are the responsibilities of learners and visitors?

Learners and visitors are required to comply with the company’s health and safety processes and procedures and should be registered appropriately at the reception on their arrival and departure.

Learners and visitors are not to interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety.

FAQs on Alumni

How do I update my contact details?

Keep your address up to date so you are able to receive the Academy newsletters, invitations to local events, and information on services and benefits for alumni. Pass on your e-mail address to receive our alumni e-news each month. Fill out our Change of Circumstance-Contact Details Form or call +44 (0) 20 7515 9695.

How do I get in touch with fellow alumni?

You can connect with DAL Alumni via ask alumni page on our website where you can post a comment or ask related questions. Additionally, you can connect on Facebook and LinkedIn or e-mail us at alumni@docklandsacademy.co.uk. Please note you must “like” the Facebook page before you can post on it.

What career services does the Academy provide to alumni?

Convocation is held on campus in September. For more information, please email info@docklandsacademy.co.uk

When is convocation?

For reunion announcements, please check our website or you can follow us on social media platforms @docklandsacademy