We’re here to help you to stay in touch with us and the community that has shared the Docklands Academy London experience. We would love to see and hear your stories and experiences after your graduation.

Our Alumni Association is here to support network of former graduates


Advise or seek advice from fellow alumni and recent graduates. Start connecting with others based on your professional interests. Introduce yourself to the community and share your journey.

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How do I update my contact details?

Keep your address up to date so you are able to receive the Academy newsletters, invitations to local events, and information on services and benefits for alumni. Pass on your e-mail address to receive our alumni e-news each month. Fill out our Change of Circumstance-Contact Details Form or call +44 (0) 20 7515 9695.

How do I get in touch with fellow alumni?

You can connect with DAL Alumni via ask alumni page on our website where you can post a comment or ask related questions. Additionally, you can connect on Facebook and LinkedIn or e-mail us at alumni@docklandsacademy.co.uk. Please note you must “like” the Facebook page before you can post on it.

What career services does the Academy provide to alumni?

Convocation is held on campus in September. For more information, please email info@docklandsacademy.co.uk

When is convocation?

For reunion announcements, please check our website or you can follow us on social media platforms @docklandsacademy

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