Student Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions shall apply in all cases to the provision of Services by Docklands Academy, London (DAL), which from herein is referred to as ‘the Academy’ and the student will be referred to as “You”.  In addition to the below, HE students also receive a Learner Agreement upon their enrolment to outline the additional Terms and Conditions they are required to be aware of. Further to this, upon their induction they receive a course handbook outlining their responsibilities.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


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  1. General


1.1 You must read, understand & agree to the Terms and Conditions below. It is a condition of enrolment on our courses that you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not understand, accept or agree to any part of these Terms and Conditions, you should not enroll on our courses.


1.2 The conditions below set out the Terms and Conditions of the relationship between you (the student) and us (The Academy). You should ask for help in your own language if you need it.


1.3 Disclaimer

All details are published in good faith. All programmes are subject to availability and minimum class numbers. We reserve the right to alter any particulars such as schedules and fees at the discretion of the Academy. We reserve the right to cancel any course or close the Academy for whatever reason. Should this be necessary, we will do our best to find an alternative course or appropriate solution for you. If this is not possible, you may be able to apply for a refund. Please see our refund policy.


  1. Admissions


2.1 Entry Requirements


2.1.1 Minimum (benchmark) Requirements

You will be assessed before being placed in a class at the appropriate level.  Please see individual course details and the Academy`s minimum (benchmark) entry requirements on DAL Procedure 4.1 Enrolment and Selection on our website.


2.1.2 The Academy’s Internal Evaluation (HE / BTEC Programmes)


The benchmark entry requirements listed on DAL Procedure 4.1 Enrolment and Selection are only a part of the information we use to build a picture of the applicants’ academic ability and potential. That’s why, applicants who are eligible for application then:

  • are invited to complete a written Entry Test depending upon their current qualifications, which consists of two sections: English Proficiency Test and Diagnostic Mathematics Test.


  • (Following the written Entry Test) are invited for an interview which serves as both a need analysis questionnaire designed to identify their employment goals, academic and development needs, and an English Speaking and Listening skill test to ascertain their English Language level along with the written test.


2.1.3 Command of the English language is essential for BTEC programmes. All undergraduate (and graduate) level applicants (Home/ EEA/ ILR and Swiss national) whose first language is not English must provide recent evidence that they have an adequate command of both spoken and written English level B2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference) for the programme of study for which they have applied or go through our Internal Evaluation Process.  


2.1.4 The Academy’s Internal Evaluation (English Courses)

Applicants are given a written English Placement Test and are also interviewed to ascertain their English Language level so that they can be enrolled to the right course.


2.1.5 We do our best to ensure you are placed according to your booking and level. We have a procedure for misplaced students on the rare occasion it happens. In the case of misplacement by us, it will be resolved swiftly. However, in cases where a placement test is suspicious or fraudulent, then we have the right to determine your level of English and place you on a course that matches the level that we have determined.


2.1.6 The Academy reserves the right to interview applicants and refuse entry. We accept students on the assumption that they are of sound health and are at the appropriate age required for their course.


2.1.7 Admissions via alternative criteria (BTEC Programmes) The term ‘alternative assessment’ is applied to applicants seeking admission who hold qualifications which do not satisfy benchmark entry requirements or programme-specific entry requirements. All students offering non-standard qualifications are expected to demonstrate the same level of academic potential as those offering standard qualifications. To be considered for special entry, the applicant must possess one of the types of qualifications listed on DAL Procedure 4.1 Enrolment and Selection. Conditional Offers may be granted on the basis that a student has shown adequate academic application but needs some assistance with their English prior to commencement of study. In this instance, English language support will be offered to the applicant (with an additional fee) until they reach to the entry requirement level for the course. Cases for consideration should be submitted to the Academic Head via Admissions Team. Applicants below the benchmark level may not be admitted without the advance approval of the Academic Head. The full details of the applicant recommended for special entry should be provided to the Academic Head, whose decision in such matters is final.


2.1.8 Students wishing to study on a part-time basis should apply to the Academy directly. Requirements for admission for part-time study are identical to those applying for full- time study subject to availability at the time of the enquiry.


2.1.9 The minimum age for students at the Academy: for our adult classes of English the minimum age is 16 years old, but we have English summer programmes for groups of children aged 11-15. For Higher Education Courses, the minimum age is 18.


2.1.10 Applicants under the Age of 18


The Academy requires that approval be given by the Academic Head before a student under the age of 18 is admitted (this is only valid for students applying for programmes / courses other than HE programmes). This is to ensure that appropriate pastoral provision (DAL Procedure 5.2 Welfare Services and Pastoral Care) is provided to the student and that all Child Protection requirements (Keeping Children Safe in Education Jan 2021 Guidance) have been met. The Academic Head requires written confirmation from the parents (or legal guardian) of the student of their willingness to allow the student to study at the Academy.


2.2 Enrolment


Higher Education courses are provided in 3 terms (Autumn-Spring-Summer) and English Language courses are provided on weekly basis. Thus, prospective students can apply in the most appropriate time for themselves. The duration of the admissions and enrolment process changes according to the completion of the required documents by the applicants, but generally takes 2 weeks.


2.2.1 Initial Steps


The Admissions Team checks the authenticity of the supporting documents presented by the applicants for any sign of alternation, also the personal details on certificates against those in the valid ID. The documents must be genuine and relate to the applicant and must not contain any obvious alterations. Where there are any doubts about the authenticity of the documents further checks are made through the issuing authority.


2.2.2 The Academy’s Internal Evaluation


The details of the Entry Test for both HE and English courses are given at 2.1.2 and 2.1.4 above. The applicants are expected to bring all of their application documents with them to the interview.


2.2.3 Decision Process


The Admissions Team gathers all the initial documents listed in DAL Procedure 4.1 Enrolment and Selection / Sections 2.1 & 2.2 and the Entry Test and Interview / Need Analysis results, and refers the file created for each candidate with the recommendation to accept (either conditionally or unconditionally) or to reject to the Academic Head or their nominee for approval. The decision is then transmitted back to the Admissions Team which writes to the applicant as appropriate informing him/her of the decision.


2.2.4 Decision Delivery The successful applicants:

  • are despatched a Letter of Acceptance confirming their details along with the pre-enrolment information and what their fee status will be. Learners who seek for loan SLC without any loan evidence may be enrolled to a course at the Academy’s discretion on a Pending Fees Status. It is the learner’s responsibility to ensure their student loan application is successful and completed.
  • whose fees are to be met by a third party (such as their employer or sponsor) must supply, at the time of enrolment, a letter from the company or organisation confirming that fees will be met in part or full. In the absence of such confirmation, the learner remains liable for the full cost of the course.
  • are supposed to fill in and/or sign the necessary sections on the documents attached to the Letter of Acceptance listed in DAL Procedure 4.1 Enrolment and Selection / Section 2.4.4.
  • may be required to verify their qualifications more in-depth and provide any missing documents by the Admissions Team.
  • who firmly accept the offer of a place at the Academy must have their places confirmed as and when any conditions attached to the Letter of Acceptance are satisfied. The rejected applicants:

  • are provided a letter with a reason why they have failed to satisfy the entry requirements.
  • are given advice on and/or provided assistance with how to improve their qualifications to succeed in their future applications, even in other institutions.


2.2.5 Post Admissions Procedures: All incoming students:

  • are required to sign a Learning Agreement and the Induction Declaration Form on the Induction Day, which also includes a signed confirmation from the student that he/she will comply with the Academy’s requirements for attendance.
  • must complete an Admissions Feedback Form.
  • who need to prove their enrolment for bank account application, council tax discount etc. should fill in a Student Letter & Certificate Request Form.
  • is provided a Letter of Enrolment depending on their request.
  • will be told that they must keep their contact details and any change in their circumstance up to date by filling a Change of Circumstance / Contact Details Form. International students are responsible for obtaining the correct visa to study in the UK as required. Students who require a short-term study visa for up to 6 or 11 months will be sent a Letter of Acceptance after they successfully apply for a course. Please see the following link for details of study visas to the UK: The Academy will not take responsibility for students who have failed to obtain the right visa without which they are not permitted to stay and study in the UK.


  1. Student data


3.1 It is a condition of your enrolment that you provide your personal details, original photo ID (a Passport or ID Card) and a copy of your visa during your admissions process or when you arrive at the Academy. We will take copies of these documents for your file. If you do not provide us original forms of your documents on enrolment or on arrival at the Academy, we reserve the right to cancel your registration and will not give you a refund. You are also required to provide us any new passport/visa documents you receive during your course. All information will be stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Act 2018 (the GDPR) and DAL Procedure 1.7 Data protection. Please see the following link for full details of the GDPR


3.2 If you have not booked accommodation through us, you should tell us your UK postal address as soon as you know it. It is also your responsibility to update us with any changes to your email address, telephone numbers or address details by filling the Change of Circumstance/Contact Details Form which can be obtained from Admissions Team. The Academy will not be responsible for any inconvenience of not having been updated with changes to your aforementioned details.


3.3 Video/Photograph Consent Form


3.3.1 As part of your induction, we provide you with Video/Photograph Consent Form and ask your signature which permits us, our employees, agents, and Academic Partners the right and permission to take photographs and/or video recordings of you and use on university websites, social media channels, publications, promotional flyers, educational materials, derivative works, or for any other similar purpose.


3.3.2 By signing the form, you agree that you may be identified by name and/or title in printed, Internet or broadcast information that might accompany the photographs and/or video recordings of you. You also agree that all such portraits, pictures, photographs, video and audio recordings, and any reproductions thereof, are and shall remain the property of Simply Alliance Ltd T/ A Docklands Academy London.


3.3.3 If you are less than eighteen years old, your parent or guardian must sign this consent form. This consent is binding on you and your heirs, assigns and personal representatives.


3.3.4 You can opt-out by informing us at providing your full name and the dates you enrolled for our courses.


3.4 For the purpose of the General Data Protection Act 2018 (the GDPR), the data controller is Docklands Academy London, 11 Selsdon Way,Cityharbour, London, E14 9GL. The Academy shall process the personal data only in accordance with our DAL Procedure 1.7 Data Protection Policy. We keep your information in electronic and paper format.


3.5 Some of the personal information you supply will be passed on to accommodation providers or the airport meeting service.


3.6 Students and/or parents/legal guardians are reminded of the need to tell the Academy of any necessary medical information about the student when the application is made and to enquire prior to enrolling whether the Academy and accommodation facilities are suitable for the individual’s needs. This information is kept secure and will only be given to people who are directly involved in caring for our students on a need-to-know basis during the time when they are enrolled at the Academy, which may include healthcare and welfare professionals.


  1. Studies, Attendance and Certification


4.1 Course schedules


4.1.1 The Academy will make all reasonable efforts to provide you with the course you booked. In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to change classrooms, teachers, location and daily schedules.


4.1.2 The Academy has the right to close classes and courses that have very few students and offer alternative courses/schedules to a similar specification. Only when we cannot offer alternative courses / schedules to the same specification may you receive a refund for any unused fees.

4.1.3 We will always publicise changes and reserve the right to change published course and accommodation information, including fees.


4.1.4 We do our best to ensure you are placed according to your booking and level. In the case of misplacement by us, it will be resolved swiftly. However, in cases (for English Courses) where a placement test is suspicious or fraudulent, then we have the right to determine your level of English and place you on a course that matches the level that we have determined. In such a case, this course may have fewer lessons or a different timetable to the one you have booked. In the event of such a change no refund or financial adjustments will be made. Our decision will be final, and no other lessons will be provided in compensation.


4.2 Certification (HE / BTEC Students)


Please refer to DAL Procedure 3.5 Assessment and Assessor Expectations and related Student Handbook & Programme Specification on our website for further details.


4.2.1 Students shall be assessed in accordance with the awarding organization’s regulations.


4.2.2 Regulations for aggregations and weightings: The results from each item of assessed work shall be aggregated according to the weightings specified in the awarding organization’s regulations, to produce an overall mark/grade for the module.


4.2.3 Module outcomes: On the basis of performance in the approved assessment scheme each student shall be awarded marks/grades reported in accordance with the awarding organization’s assessment regulation.


4.2.4 Student responsibilities


It shall be the responsibility of students:


  • to familiarize themselves with the assessment regulations and with the examination and coursework submission timetables to ascertain when opportunities for assessment arise.
  • to submit work for assessment by the specified deadlines and to attend examinations, normally at the earliest opportunity offered in respect of both categories.
  • to confirm that all work submitted for assessment is their own.
  • who believe they have valid reasons for absence from an examination or for non-submission of an item of assessed work to familiarize themselves with the Mitigation or Intermission procedures for making a claim and the circumstances in which they are allowed to do so.
  • who believe they have grounds for requesting reviews of decisions of an Academic and Advisory Board to submit a letter to Head of Academic within ten working days of results’ being issued in accordance with the Academy’s Appeals Procedure (2.4)


4.2.5 Retrieval of failure A student shall normally be entitled to be reassessed on one occasion in any module for which a failing mark/grade has been awarded. A student shall not have the right to be reassessed in elements which are no longer current in the course. If successful, in a reassessment for an undergraduate level programme, the student shall be awarded the mark/grade achieved in place of the original mark/grade. When a student has failed both the original assessment and the reassessment for a module, the student shall normally be entitled to retake the module on one occasion. A student who retakes a module is required to re-enroll for the module, pay any tuition fee required for such enrolment, follow the course of tuition offered and attempt all the items of assessed work, including any which he or she may previously have passed. If a student believes that their failure, absence or non-submission of work in an item of assessed work was due to illness or other valid reasons, the student may submit a claim.


4.2.6 Awards Awards shall be conferred by Academic and Advisory Board or recommended to the awarding organization by virtue of SRF submissions at each level of a course, provided the student has achieved the learning outcomes of that level of the course. Students who have not completed the course for which they have been registered and have not re-enrolled on the same course within a reasonable period shall be issued with a certificate as a record of the highest level of award conferred on them. Higher National Certificate and Diploma


  • Higher National Certificate (HNC) shall be awarded to a student who has been awarded 120 credits.
  • A Higher National Diploma (HND) shall be awarded to a student who has:
    • been awarded 120 credits at Certificate level and undertaken the assessment for modules equivalent to 120 credits specified for the Intermediate level of the course and
    • achieved pass marks/graded allocated at intermediate level. Postgraduate level Certificate: A Postgraduate level Certificate shall be awarded to a student who has passed ‘modules equivalent to minimum 20 credits at postgraduate level within their approved programme of study. Postgraduate level Diploma: A Postgraduate level Diploma shall be awarded to a student who has passed modules equivalent to 120 credits at postgraduate level within their approved programme of study. Courses other than Higher National Programmes: Students completing courses other than Higher National Programmes are awarded with Attendance Certificate, Participation Certificate and/or Level Certificate.


4.2 Attendance


Please refer to DAL Procedure 4.4 Attendance Monitoring for further details.


4.2.1 The Academy ensures consistency in approach to attendance across the different programmes in order to improve retention and achievement through raising standards of attendance and punctuality.

4.2.2 DAL Procedure 4.4 Attendance Monitoring has been revised taking into account Covid-19 restrictions. Since the introduction of (online/on-site) blended learning is in action, physical attendance will no longer be the single method by which the Academy monitors the students’ attendance.


4.2.3 Attendance is compulsory for all students. We keep attendance registers.


4.2.4 Students’ entitlements If a student’s general attendance and punctuality leads a concern that the student may not complete his/her studies successfully, the student will be contacted to discuss the problem. All students are entitled to expect lessons which start and end promptly. The Academy will try to ensure that no classes will be cancelled due to staff absence and will arrange for teacher substitution when necessary. Every effort will be made to give advance warning of unavoidable changes in class schedules.


4.2.5 Students’ responsibilities Students should not knowingly miss a class for anything other than illness or exceptional circumstances. If students need to miss a class, they, or someone acting on their behalf should:

  • inform their administration/compliance department immediately and/or also the member of staff who takes the class, where possible in advance, of any planned absence and obtain prior permission which is authenticated with an Absence Authorization Notification note or Self-Certification communication (by means of a telephone call, email and etc.) where medical note is not available from a hospital.
  • telephone the Academy reception desk before 9.15 am on the first day of an unplanned absence to provide an explanation. International students will be informed of the need to obtain medical evidence in the form of a GP note or hospital letter.
  • obtain a letter from their parent (or guardian if they are under 18) for any illness lasting more than one week.
  • on return to the Academy following an absence lasting
    • less than one week, UK and EU students will need to complete a Self-Certification communication
    • more than one week, they need to provide a doctor`s note.
    • any period of absence, attend a “return to Academy interview” with the Head of Academic Administration.


4.2.6 Actions Against Poor Attendance Students may be denied access to classes if they are more than 15 minutes late unless there are good reasons. The same rule applies for online sessions at distance learning. Thereafter depending on the unauthorized attendance rate, the Academy will issue two warning letters and one final warning letter in any one academic term consecutively. If a student’s attendance remains inadequate, the Academy may take the decision to withdraw the student from the programme. Please for further details refer to DAL Procedure 4.4 Attendance Monitoring. Students must have a minimum in-class attendance rate of 80% in order to meet the requirements of their courses. Failure to adhere to the attendance requirements, such as being absent without authorization and no communication for two weeks consecutively, will lead to failure in the course and may result in exclusion from the programme following formal interview at the discretion of the Academy. Additionally, international students expelled due to poor attendance will be reported to UKVI.  We are required to inform the UKVI if you are frequently absent and do not provide a doctor’s certificate or other acceptable reason. This may affect your visa status. Under 18’s absences


  • If for any reason a student under the age of 18 is absent, then the parent/guardian or project leader must inform the Academy no later than 9:15 am each day of absence.
  • If the Academy is not informed by 10:00 am of the absence of a student under the age of 18, then the receptionist will aim to contact the listed emergency contacts listed in the students’ file to obtain a reason for the absence.
  • If the student is absent for 5 consecutive days or more, then it is expected that the Academy be provided with a written letter from the parent/guardian or project leader or a note from the GP.
  • If a student is routinely absent without justifiable reason[s] and this becomes a growing concern, the Academy may consult with the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) and / or Social Services to seek further support. We can only authorise absence from classes with a signed English medical note or valid dated letters and/or appointment details.


4.2.7 You can receive a Certificate of Attendance only if you attend at least 90% of your classes; the certificate will confirm your level of study. The issuance of any certificate is subject to your compliance with these terms and conditions.


4.3 Holiday policy


4.3.1 To comply with visa regulations, you are allowed to take holiday depending on the length of your course as detailed below.


4.3.2 You must request your holiday from the Academy at least two weeks before you take the holiday. If you don’t request and receive our permission, your visa may be withdrawn by the Home Office. In such cases, we will not refund your fees.


4.3.3 For English Courses students, the holiday allowances must be taken in blocks of 5 days, Monday to Friday, and are as follows:


Length of Course Holiday Allowance
1 – 6 weeks No holiday
7 – 12 weeks 1 week holiday
13 – 24 weeks 2 weeks holiday
25 – 36 weeks 3 weeks holiday
37 – 52 weeks 4 weeks holiday


You can take a maximum of four weeks’ holiday at one time.


4.3.4 Higher Education Programmes students should follow the Academic Calendar which is communicated to them prior to their studies.


4.3.5 The Academy is closed on public holidays, and there are no classes on these days. If the first Monday of your course is a public holiday, your course will start on Tuesday. The Academy does not give refunds or discounts when it is closed on public holidays, and you cannot make up these days on another day.


4.3.6 For a list of Public Holidays in the UK, please visit  and refer to our published materials such as Academic Calendar and Student Handbooks.


4.4 Change of circumstances


Students must inform the Academy immediately of any change in their immigration status, contact details and any change in their circumstance.


4.5 Course extension for English Courses


If you wish to extend your course you may do so, provided there is a place available. We advise booking an extension at least 2 weeks in advance. Extensions must be paid in full before a place can be reserved.


  1. Student finance


5.1 Payment


When accepting an offer of a place of study at the Academy, a prospective student is required to pay the full amount of the tuition fees for their selected course as set out in our most recent publicity material including our website. Tuition fees include our core education costs incurred in the United Kingdom, such as the cost of providing and maintaining teaching facilities, teaching materials (supplying teaching services, administrative staff and libraries, internet, and intranet services).


5.1.1 Making a payment You cannot start the course until the required payment is made in full, including any accommodation fees. You may pay by:


  • Bank Transfer in GPB (£) Sterling
  • Credit and Debit Cards If you pay by bank transfer, it can take up to 5 working days for payment to reach us. You must send proof of payment including your full name, which is on your offer letter, as a reference in ANY payment processed. Fees include:


  • Course registration fee (includes a coursebook for courses over 12 weeks long / not applicable to BTEC courses)
  • Course fee
  • Teaching materials other than the coursebook
  • Accommodation fees (if applicable)
  • Bank transfer fee (if applicable)
  • Airport transfer fee (if applicable)


5.1.2 A processing fee of not more than £300.00 may be collected from students requiring visas to study in the UK before issue of a Letter of Acceptance (conditional / unconditional). This processing fee covers the cost of processing their application for entry to the Academy and the United Kingdom and is non-refundable in any circumstance. For individual or group bookings, you cannot start your course until you pay the course fees in full, once paid, a Letter of Enrolment will be sent to you.

5.1.3 All fees are payable in GBP (£). If you are making a payment in another currency, you must ensure that the actual payment received by us is the correct amount in GBP excluding all currency exchange and bank fees.


5.1.4 Overdue Payments


We reserve the right to charge interest at 10% per annum on overdue invoices, accruing daily from the date that such payments become due.


5.1.5 Debt Recovery


Please note that in relation to overdue amounts, we also reserve the right to pass the matter to Debt Recovery Company (DRC) without further notification to you. This means that your data will be passed to (DRC) for further action. For the avoidance of doubt, should your data be passed to (DRC) in order to recover any overdue amounts, your liability to pay will be increased by additional fees and charges.


5.1.6 Dismissal for non-payment


We reserve the right to dismiss and expel any student at any time for the non-payment of fees. No fees will be refunded where a student is dismissed under this section.


5.1.7 Fee changes


We reserve the right to change the published fees.


5.1.8 Deposits


Funds received but not utilised or refunded in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will be forfeited to the Academy.


5.1.10 Changes to Courses Enrolled


You agree that you cannot change, defer or withdraw from the programme without prior written consent from the Academy. Where you have failed to comply with this, you will not be eligible for a refund. For full details please refer to DAL Procedure 4.14 Fees, Charges and Financial Support.


5.2 Scholarships


Recipients of scholarships or government grants are expected to pay £300 which will be refunded upon receipt of an official Financial Guarantee Letter. If, upon the student’s arrival, the Academy is not in receipt of an official Financial Guarantee Letter, we reserve the right to charge tuition at the published rate on a weekly basis until the guarantee letter has been provided. Scholarship students will not be allowed into class without either a guarantee letter or tuition fees paid. Any fees paid direct to the Academy will be refunded to the fee payer upon receipt of the guarantee letter.


5.3 Cancellations, Refunds and Compensation


When accepting an offer of a place of study at the Academy, a prospective student is required to pay the full amount of the tuition fees for their selected course as set out in our most recent publicity material including the website. For full details please refer to DAL Procedure 4.10 Refund of Tuition Fees and Compensation.


5.3.1 Situations in which students are NOT eligible for a Refund Tuition fees, as agreed by the student in the Terms and Conditions and in the Learning Agreement signed on induction, will NOT normally be refunded. This includes, by way of example only, if the student;

  • obtains a visa to study at the Academy, enters the UK, but then chooses not to take up studies at the Academy.
  • visa application is refused on grounds of documents submitted were fraudulent.
  • enrols on a chosen course of study, is inducted into the Academy, but then discontinues the course.
  • is withdrawn from the Academy due to non-compliance with the Academy’s Policy 4. Admissions, such as attendance monitoring, serious misconduct, or other similar reasons.
  • is continuously late or absent to an extent that prevents learning or is contrary to minimum requirements, which includes but is not restricted to those set by a partner college or relevant awarding body or leaves before the course ends.
  • changes their mind after the start of their course. They cannot, for example, reduce the number of hours they study per week and convert these into one-to-one classes. They cannot reduce the number of hours to study per day in order to lengthen the duration of their course (only applicable to English Language / tailor made courses). If after enrolment the student decides to withdraw from (terminate) their course for any other reason, they will not get a refund. Please note the following is non-refundable under all conditions mentioned in section 5.3.2:

  • registration fee
  • examination fee
  • accommodation booking fee
  • any bank charges incurred
  • A processing fee of not more than GBP £300.00 may be collected from students requiring visas to study in the UK before issue of a Letter of Acceptance (conditional). This processing fee covers the cost of processing their application for entry to the Academy and the United Kingdom.


5.3.2 Situations in which student may be eligible for a refund The tuition fees MAY be refunded in special circumstances within the specified timeframe set out below (Please check for exception).  These include, but are not limited to, if a student;

  • obtains a visa to study at the Academy, but then, decides not to take up the offer of admission without entering the UK.
  • visa application is refused due to any reason other than on the grounds the documents submitted were fraudulent. In this case the student or his/ her consultant must send scanned copies of their DAL Offer Letter/s, Visa Refusal Letter, and passport by e-mail to the Academy for verification.
  • wishes to cancel an accommodation booking and gives the appropriate notice, as stated in Terms and Conditions, before the start of the stay. Refund timeframes and Rates for cancellations:

  • Up until six weeks before the course starts – Full Refund
  • Between six weeks to two weeks before the course starts – 50% of the course fee
  • Between two weeks and the day before course starts – 25% of the course fee
  • After course has commenced – No Refund In an event the student enrols for a course within the refund timeframes mentioned above but wishes to cancel their place, the following will apply. If the student informs the Academy to cancel:

  • within the cooling off period of 14 days, full refund will be granted. (“Cooling Off Period” is 14-day time limit that you have the right to cancel a service you’ve arranged for any reason and get a refund. Your cooling-off period begins the day after you enter a contract with us.)
  • after the cooling off period, the related refund timeframe for cancellations will apply. The Academy MAY issue a refund which will be subject to deductions for classes already attended and any additional charges already incurred such as examination fees or administration fee regardless of the timeframes above if the student:

  • has strong compassionate or health grounds, supported by the presentation of suitable evidence.
  • is affected negatively due to public health threats (e.g., Covid-19 and related pandemics),
  • is unable or unwilling to return to study after twenty-four months in suspension, which will naturally lead to student’s termination from the programme. The Academy MAY issue a full refund regardless of the timeframes above:

  • if student’s visa application is refused due to the inadequacy of the Academy providing the requested paperwork.
  • if the student wishes to cancel their place due to being adversely affected by a material change made to the course such as a change on the structure and content of the course.
  • where the Academy terminates a course, which has already started.


5.3.3 Refund Applications An application for a refund must be made with the Tuition Fee Refund Application Form (available from the website or in soft / hard copy via email on request) submitted to the Finance Department at A decision will be made by the Finance Manager, which is subject to review with the Academic Department and at the discretion of the CEO / Principal, whose decision is final, there being no further appeal. The decision will aim to take into account all the known circumstances and the overall reasonableness and fairness of the case. The Academy shall not be liable in any case for monetary loss suffered due to currency fluctuations or any other consequential loss. Due to the above procedures, the Academy requires a minimum period of 45 days to process any refund. The Admissions team will then send student an email confirming the status of the refund.


5.3.4 Compensation The Academy MAY:


  • reimburse additional travel costs for students in an event of a change in the location of their course or will make funding available to offset these additional costs (applicable to Higher Education students).
  • compensate maintenance costs where it is not possible to preserve continuation of study (applicable to Higher Education students).
  • compensate for tuition and maintenance costs where students have to transfer to alternative courses or providers due to a closure of a programme, including payment to cover any tuition and/or maintenance costs incurred by a learner where these are of a greater value than they would have incurred had the Academy continued to deliver a course for which they were enrolled. (Applicable to Higher Education students). Compensation Applications


If a student wishes to apply for compensation, students must have raised the issue through the Academy’s formal Procedure for Complaints – see Procedure 2.5 Complaints. Submissions for compensation that are upheld under the Complaints Procedure can apply for compensation under this procedure. Methods of issuing refunds and compensation Any refunds or compensation can only be made to the original payer (the person who made the payment to Docklands Academy London) using the original method of payment (e.g., bank transfer, credit card). If the fees are paid by card, the refund or compensation will be made to the same card. Refunds for students:


  • who pay their own tuition fees can be refunded.
  • in receipt of tuitions fee loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC) will be processed directly by the partner college who has direct responsibility to SLC to deal with such matters. This is only applicable to Higher Education students.
  • whose tuition fees are paid by a sponsor (applicable to Higher Education students only) A refund, if approved, will be limited to the tuition fees paid to the Academy less an amount proportional to the time spent by the student at the Academy.


5.3.5 Refund policy for visa refusals (applicable only to Student Visitor Visa and Extended Student Visitor Visa) You must apply for a refund before the start date of the course, using the Tuition Fee Refund Application form (available on request to If the student’s visa application is refused, the Academy will refund the fees proportionally or fully if the Academy is informed within the notice periods mentioned under section 5.3.2, except for instances outlined in section 5.3.1. The Academy may disregard the refund timeframe under section 5.3.2 and issue a full refund if the student can evidence that the visa refusal was not due to the following.


The student:

  • did not provide necessary documents or the documents were inadequate.
  • did not demonstrate adequate financial support (maintenance).
  • applied for visa too late. In order to reduce risk of visas being rejected, the Academy strongly recommends getting professional advice from the local visa consultants or reputable agents. UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) regulations are updated frequently, and while the Academy provides occasional general updates as a courtesy service to students, it is the student’s sole responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with the most up to date UKVI regulations. Students on a visa must familiarise themselves with UKVI regulations and at all times abide by the conditions of their visa. The Academy accepts no liability for incomplete or inaccurate visa applications being supplied. If the Academy documents have been unsatisfactory and served as the reason for a visa refusal of the official refusal letter, the Academy is committed to a full refund. Students intending to apply for a visa to study at the Academy are required to provide all relevant supporting documentation relating to previous qualifications and experience (if applicable). Where a student has failed to supply such documentation, their application may be delayed. All documents supplied to the Academy to support a student’s visa application MUST also be sent to UKVI/The British Overseas High Commission, to support their visa application. Failure to do so may result in the student’s application for a visa being refused. The Academy reserves the right to disclose students’ details, including academic progress and attendance rates, to the UKVI.


5.4 Finance Strategy


The Academy’s financial strategy is to ensure that there are sufficient cash reserves within the Group of Companies it belongs to (five-star restaurant group namely Tas, Ev and Hazev) for directly fee paying students and working capital at any one time to meet its obligations to provide refunds and compensation should the need arises. Students enrolled on programmes under partnership arrangements accessing funding through a partner will be treated under their relevant refund and compensation policy.


5.5 Deferrals


5.5.1 You may defer (delay) your place on a course by up to one year (52 weeks) from the start date of the course. The duration of the course may vary due to the price changes. The value of the course is deferred.


5.5.2 If you defer your course and then want to withdraw from the course, we will not give you a refund, except in exceptional circumstances. We will decide whether your circumstances are exceptional and our decision is final.


5.6 Discounts and offers


5.6.1 Course discounts are valid from the dates advertised. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively to bookings.


5.6.2 The special offers will not be retrospective, and students enrolled on upcoming courses who have already made their payments will not qualify for a refund of any kind


5.6.3 Where the student’s school fees are being paid by another organisation, the Student must ensure that the paying organisation complies with the deadlines for payment


5.6.4 The special offers are only open to those students enrolled on one of the Qualifying Courses at the Academy


5.6.5 The discount is not transferable to another student


5.6.6 Special offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion, including scholarships and/or bursaries


5.6.7 The Academy reserves the right to withdraw any special offer at any time


5.6.8 The student remains bound by the Academy Terms and Conditions at all times


5.7 Examination fees


Any examination fees need to be paid to the relevant examining body.


5.8 Student Protection Plan


The Academy’s Student Protection Plan (Procedure 4.11) sets out the measures that the DAL has in place to protect the continuation and quality of study for all our students should risk to such continuation crystallize. The Plan can be found (Policies and Procedures – Docklands Academy London). The plan is supported by the following documents:

  • DAL Policy 4 Student Admissions
  • DAL Procedure 4.10 Refund of Tuition Fees and Compensation
  • DAL Procedure 4.13 Transfers Suspensions Withdrawals Closure and Change of HE Provision
  • DAL Procedure 6.4 Personal Development and Performance Review
  • DAL Procedure 6.9 Continuous Professional Development
  • DAL Procedure 9.6 Business Continuity Plan
  • Learning Agreement


These measures are in addition to the protections that students have under Consumer Protection Law and do not affect students’ consumer rights.

6. Accommodation and Airport Transfer


6.1 Accommodation Booking Rules 


We do not provide our own accommodation.  You can make your own arrangements for accommodation, or we can book homestay accommodation for you with the reputable provider which may work out cheaper.  Please see the links below:   


If you want to book accommodation through us, you must make the required payment to us in full a minimum of two weeks in advance. If after booking accommodation through us you wish to cancel and receive a refund, you may be liable to pay a cancellation fee according to the terms and conditions of the provider. Please note that you are bound by terms and conditions of the accommodation provider you are using in addition to these terms. Please see the following links for more details. 


6.1.1 The student requesting accommodation from the Academy must be 16 years old or over. 


6.1.2 Under 18s: Students aged 16-17 years old must only be placed in half board homestay accommodation booked by the Academy. The legal guardian of any Student under the age of 18 must complete the Parental Consent Form, available from Admissions Team or at info@docklandsacademy and we will forward the form to you. Under 18s students must have a return airport transfer organized by the Academy. 


6.1.3 All accommodation requests are subject to availability. You will be required to provide your first and a second choice of accommodation. If the first option is unavailable, the Academy will try to book the second option. 


6.1.4 You must follow the student Code of Conduct which can be found at Section 7.2, and any applicable health and safety guidelines at all times. If the Student fails to do this, they may be removed from their accommodation and charged for the entire duration of their stay as well as for any damages caused. In this instance, the Accommodation Manager has the right not to provide alternative accommodation to the Student. 


6.1.5 If the Student causes any damage to the accommodation, they will be charged in full for the damage or any payment the Academy must make on their behalf. If it is unclear who caused the damage, then the costs of the damage will be shared by the students in the accommodation. 


6.1.6 The Student cannot smoke in any part of homestay accommodation. The Student will be told about places where they can smoke. 


6.1.7 You are strongly advised to arrange insurance cover for your possessions. The Academy is not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of your property. 


6.1.8 The Student must tell the Academy of any problems with their accommodation immediately. If the Academy cannot find a solution to the problem, it will find you an alternative accommodation provider. 


6.1.9 The minimum booking period is one week.  


6.1.10 Accommodation bookings cannot be transferred from one student to another. 


6.2 Accommodation Fees, Payment and Confirmation 


6.2.1 The student must pay for accommodation fees and charges in full in GBP by the date stated on the Accommodation Confirmation Letter provided by the Admissions Team. Accommodation is only confirmed once Accommodation Confirmation Letter has been issued. 


6.2.2 If the Academy does not receive payment before the date stated on the Offer Letter, the reservation will not be confirmed. In such event, the Academy will not be responsible if the same accommodation is no longer available. 


6.2.3 If the student arrives late at the accommodation at the beginning of their stay, they will still have to pay the full fees, and will not get a refund. 


6.2.4 The Academy will provide accommodation at the published price for the duration of the course only. Any accommodation booked outside of the duration of the course will be charged at an additional 20%. 


6.2.5 There is an Accommodation Booking Fee of GBP £50.00 per booking. This fee must be paid for each new booking and is non-refundable. 


6.2.6 All the public information about prices and accommodation options are guidelines; they cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to change at any time. 


6.2.7 The Academy will provide the Student with the accommodation details after the receipt of the full payment. This information is provided in the Accommodation Confirmation Letter. The Student must make sure they have received all the information before they enter the United Kingdom, in line with any visa regulations. 


6.2.8 If the student books accommodation with the Academy, the student must pay the Academy and not the provider. 


6.3 Accommodation cancellation and refunds 


6.3.1 If the Student wishes to cancel or change their accommodation, the Student must inform the Accommodation department in writing to the school email address 


6.3.2 Cancellation notice period in Homestay accommodation is 4 weeks prior to the start date of the booking. 


6.3.3 If the Student decides to cancel or change the accommodation without providing the appropriate cancellation notice period, they will be charged accordingly and will not be entitled to a refund. 


6.3.4 All refund applications must be made by emailing 


6.4 Limitation of liability for accommodation services 


6.4.1 Students’ attention is particularly drawn to the following clause: The liability of the Academy (and their Group, Associated and/or Affiliated companies) for losses arising from their negligence (except in the case of liability for death or personal injury), breach of contract or otherwise will be limited to the full amounts paid by the relevant Student for the accommodation. Except in the case of liability for death and personal injury, such companies will have no liability for indirect or consequential loss or damage however arising. 


6.4.2 Force Majeure: The Academy cannot be held responsible for damage to an accommodation or failure to check-in or complete a contract with an accommodation provider due to act of God, fire, strikes, flooding, infectious diseases and other events outside the Academy’s reasonable control. 


6.4.3 Students’ attention is particularly drawn to this section: signing the Learning Agreement Declaration constitutes full and irrevocable acceptance of all of these terms and conditions. 


6.5 Accommodation extension 


6.5.1 If you wish to extend your accommodation, you must inform the Admissions Team (not the accommodation provider) at least 2 weeks before their departure date in writing – provided there is a place available. 


6.5.2 Please note it will probably not be possible to stay with the same host family. 


6.5.3 You must not approach the accommodation provider about accommodation extensions. 


6.2 Airport Transfers


In terms of providing an Airport Transfer Services arranged by the Academy, a suitable taxi is arranged by the Academy. There is an airport transfer fee of GBP £100.00 per booking which is non-refundable. This fee must be paid for each new booking and payment must be done in advance. The taxi driver will be waiting in the Arrivals Hall, holding up a sign with the student’s name on it. The student is liable for providing the Academy with the accurate and up to date flight information. If for any reason the student cannot see the taxi driver, they must contact the School’s Emergency telephone number provided in the Airport Transfer Confirmation Letter. If the student has not made contact with the driver and has not contacted the emergency phone within one hour of arrival, the driver will be released, and the fees will not be refunded. Since the taxi pick up includes one hour waiting time; if the student is delayed for any reason, an extra charge of £10 will be added for transfers for every extra 30 minutes.


  1. Safeguarding and Student Code of Conduct


7.1 Safeguarding


Please refer to our U18s webpage ( or DAL Procedure 6.15 Safeguarding for our safeguarding policy.


7.2 Student code of conduct


7.2.1 The Academy has an expectation that all students will engage with our Code of Conduct. Copies of the code are displayed around the Academy building and also available on the website (Policies and Procedures – Docklands Academy London). The Academy has drawn up the Code of Conduct with reference to the UK Quality Code.


7.2.2 In terms of British Values, good conduct means:


  • realising that you are a member of the Academy community and will behave accordingly. This applies anywhere and at any time but is particularly important in the local community around the Academy, whilst on fieldwork, whilst on other study away from the Academy and whilst engaged in any other Academy-related activity,
  • recognising the diversity of the Academy community,
  • being considerate, respectful and courteous towards others without any abusive behaviour, bullying, harassment, violence, discrimination, insult and aggression on the basis of their: age, ethnic origin, race, nationality, membership of a national minority, culture, language, religious faith or affiliation or lack thereof, political affiliation or opinions or lack thereof, gender, gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, marital status, caring or parental responsibilities, illness, ability or disability, mental health status, medical condition, physical appearance, genetic features, parentage, descent, full or part-time student status, socio-economic background, employment status, trade union affiliation, spent or irrelevant criminal convictions or any other irrelevant distinction,
  • acting responsibly and being honest,
  • abiding by the law.


7.2.3 In terms of Academy facilities, good conduct means:


  • respecting and caring for the environment of the Academy property, spaces, and premises.
  • recycling and disposing litter responsibly and acting upon the Academy’s advice for saving energy.
  • maintaining security and always wearing your identity card within the Academy.
  • smoking or vaping only in the designated areas.
  • avoiding:
    • using fire doors except in an emergency.
    • leaving any rubbish behind you. Tidy the room before you leave.
    • fighting, bullying, harassing, threatening, offending or intimidating others. This includes any activity you engage in using the internet, virtual learning environments, social networking sites, blogs or other web resources, emails, texts or phone calls.
    • bringing:
      • food and hot drinks in class.
      • alcohol or illegal substances into the Academy or being under the influence of these while onsite or taking part in external activities.
      • knives (unless required as part of essential equipment for your course) or anything that could be used as an offensive weapon into the Academy.


7.2.4 In terms of Learning, good conduct means:


  • informing the Academy of any special learning or assessment needs.
  • speaking English at all times during the lessons.
  • bringing all the equipment and kit needed for learning.
  • switching off or mute mobile phones and other electronic devices (unless otherwise instructed) and placing them out of sight during lectures.
  • handing in coursework in time to the right standard and follow the strict rules on plagiarism.
  • taking all the exams at the stated tie and completing assignments by the deadline.
  • acting in a professional manner and avoiding disrupting others in class.
  • actively participating the lectures.
  • committing time to additional study.
  • having a motivated and positive attitude and serious commitment to your studies.
  • never settling for “good enough”.


7.2.5 In terms of Attendance, good conduct means:


  • attending all lectures and arriving before the lecture starting time.
  • being punctual for all classes and other appointments.
  • recording your attendance when you enter and leave.
  • avoiding entering the class until the next lesson if you are more than 15 minutes late.
  • informing the relevant person in an appropriate manner in the case of being late or absent for an activity where you are expected to attend.


7.2.6 In terms of Assistance, good conduct means:


  • immediately informing:
    • the Academy if your circumstances change.
    • your teacher or Student Welfare Officer if you experience problems with your studies or personal welfare that could harm your progress.
  • registering with a General Practitioner (GP) for any medical help.
  • seeking help when you need it.
  • being aware of:
    • and acting upon the advice and assistance available on academic and other matters.
    • the key person[s] in relation to Welfare, Safeguarding and overall student services and to know who to report to in any case of an incident or concern.
    • Academy Health and Safety procedures and follow them.


7.2.7 Students are admitted on condition that they accept these terms and conditions and all the rules and expectations regarding their behaviour in line with four key values of the Academy and all the rules as stipulated in the application form and student declaration documents. The Academy will make every effort to inform and warn students, agents or parents if there are any breaches of rules.  Repeated breaches or incidents of gross misconduct may result in a sanction such as suspension or dismissal from the Academy.  In such cases, students will not be reimbursed fees and the students may incur costs they will be required to pay. We have the right to expel you if you cheat on or plagiarise your pre-arrival test (for English Courses), and we may report you to the relevant authorities.


7.2.8 The Academy is an accredited academic institution which is committed to maintaining and improving its reputation. Therefore, by agreeing to become a student of the Academy, you must not engage in any action which might cause either your own personal academic reputation or the reputation of the Academy to fall into disrepute.


7.2.9 The Academy promotes mutual respect. Academy staff is committed to treating everyone with respect and we ask that you show them respect too.


7.2.10 We have zero tolerance to any kind of abusive behaviour, bullying, harassment, violence, discrimination, and aggression towards either staff or students and take immediate action against any unreasonable behaviour. Abuse can be:

  • Verbal : calling someone names, saying bad things or using bad language
  • Physical : pushing, hitting, kicking people or damaging property
  • Emotional : making someone feel disliked, ridiculing or teasing


7.2.11 If you are concerned about the behaviour of a member of Academy staff, or of a student, please follow the options below:


  1. Limitation of Liability


8.1 Force Majeure   


8.1.1 In the event of ‘force majeure’ such as act of God, fire, strikes, flooding, infectious diseases and other events outside the Academy’s reasonable control which may cause the closure of the school, no refund of fees will be made to students, except at the Academy’s discretion in exceptional circumstances.


8.1.2 The Academy, and its representatives, are not liable in cases where they are unable to fulfil any services to which they are contractually bound because of force majeure.


8.2 Students’ attention is particularly drawn to the following clause: The Academy accepts no responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage to property apart from harm occurring due to negligence on the part of the Academy or its employees.  The liability of Simply Alliance Limited t/a Docklands Academy London (and their Group, Associated and/or Affiliated companies) for losses arising from negligence (except in the case of liability for death or personal injury), breach of contract, or otherwise, will be limited to the full amounts paid by the relevant student for the course. Except in the case of liability for death and personal injury, such companies will have no liability for any indirect or consequential loss or damage however arising.


8.3 The Academy does not accept any responsibility for students’ personal property; students should take out appropriate insurance. If you lose or damage any personal property during any social activity organised by the Academy or booked through the Academy, it is your own responsibility. The Academy is not responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damage to property incurred by any student or prospective student.


8.4 Valuables should not be brought to the Academy and left unattended.  The Academy does not accept responsibility for any harm resulting from events beyond its control, including but not limited to natural disasters, poor weather conditions, war, industrial action, transportation delays or accidents, illness or quarantine.


  1. Comments and Complaints


9.1 The Academy needs your help to continuously improve and develop our services to maximize the quality of your learning experience. Please share your comments and complaints without delay via:


9.2 A formal complaint can also be filled out on Student Formal Complaint Submission Form which can be obtained from the Academy reception and submitted to the related academic staff member listed as in DAL Procedure 2.5 Complaints.