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It was amazing time with people here. All teachers and staff were really nice. We have spent a great time together. This was a good experience, and my English has progressed from my first time here and now. I recommend it! Thank you, team. Thanks to Academy.

Nassim Ait Dris,

Docklands Academy London has very high-level education. I am very happy that I had all the experience in the Academy. I have travelled around the world and studied in different countries, and I can say this school is absolutely the best. It has been emotional, and DAL has been a good part of my life.

Ekaterina Emelianova,

My experience at Docklands Academy London was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. The level of education is so high, and the all the teachers and the employees are so nice and friendly, I really enjoyed my time here. I’m so lucky and grateful for the amazing opportunity of completing my studies at DAL

Nada Nougal,

Professionalism and competence are aspects you will find in this school. All the staff is very friendly and accomodating. The professors are super competent and avaible to assist you in any moment of the day. The fun is an active part of this school, with the possibility of visiting the city. I hope to come back for visiting you soon!!!!

Michele Loschi,

I really recommend DAL! I felt very motivated to learn the language because of the right environment, friendly, and the teaching tools. The teachers was very competent, I loved their teaching method. Thank you Mr. Paul, thank you Iglina, thank you to all the staff. I miss you

Salim Bahrız,

A very nice experience. Docklands Academy is the perfect school to learn and to improve English language skills. The professors and administrative staff are very professional. My IELTS course was very precise and helpfulness. Therefore I got a higher score than expected. Thank you so much!


Very complete experience, they provided me with work, and we did very dynamic grammar classes and everything in English. We also went on weekly outings to get to know the culture of London. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to live a different experience.

Marc Puig,

Words can't describe what this place means to me. I've met many people and learned many things that I will never ever forget and made many friendships that will last forever. This place is not only great socially but also academically with its different classes for different levels of English speakers and its amazing teachers.

Seyhan, Turkey

DAL is the best place to get prepared for IELTS and be more confident when speaking English, the staff is so friendly and the teachers are great! Me and my friends will always remember them and the way they made us feel at home here in the UK.

Lois, Panama

Incredible place with amazing and dedicated people. I learned a lot about English and I owe it to the staff from Docklands. I highly recommend it to everyone and would love to go back there!! 🙂

Ola, Poland

I have covered IELTS Test Preparation Language course for about two months, which I benefited tremendously much. I would like to thank all the lecturers at Docklands academy for their effort especially to increase my grade in Listening section. Hope to meet you again at your wonderful premises.

Ercan, Turkey

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What The Accreditation Bodies Say

"There is appropriate provision for the safeguarding of students under the age of 18 within the organisation."

British Council, 2023

"The needs of the students for security, pastoral care, information and leisure activities are well met."

British Council, 2023

"Teachers receive guidance to ensure that they support students effectively in their learning. Courses are structured and managed to provide the maximum possible benefit to students."

British Council, 2023

"A range of learning resources is available, appropriate to the needs of the students. Guidance on the use of these resources is provided for staff and students."

British Council, 2023

"The premises provide students and staff with a very comfortable and professional environment for work and relaxation."

British Council, 2023

"The management of the provision operates to the benefit of students, and in accordance with the provider’s stated goals and values."

British Council, 2023

"DAL is located in a modern property in the Docklands area of east London, close to the Canary Wharf financial district."

British Council, 2023

A well-qualified and experienced senior learship team, which provides a clear vision and direction for the Institution, resulting in achievement of its educational aims

BAC, March 2019

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