As we enter Autumn here at DAL, the English department is welcoming students from around the world. Our long term IELTS students continue to develop their academic English skills, while our general English classes are focusing on both fluency and accuracy in speaking. Come join us! Our newest batch of HE students arrived last month and are

Our HE students will return on the 7th of this month to begin their next term. Our HNC and HND students will be learning units such as The Hospitality Business Toolkit and Organisational Behaviour respectively. Our upcoming Turing Scheme for our Higher Education Students will begin on the 25th of November. They will be traveling to Fethiye,

Summer is well underway here in London and our English students are relishing the opportunity to get out into the city in the sunshine. Recent trips have been to the British museum and to Greenwich. We have welcomed children from Spain, Hungary and Turkey. Alongside our child class, both elementary and intermediate adult learners continue to

With heads in books and pens on paper, our English Language students are studying hard to improve their speaking, writing and grammar skills. We have had many students reach their goals and graduating with great satisfaction! If you know anybody that is interested in brushing up their English Language skills, our admissions are continuously open so

Last month, DAL welcomed a new group of students from Algeria. Their speaking, listening, and writing English skills significantly improved during their time spent studying with us. We are grateful for the hardworking students we have in our Academy and we wish them nothing but success in the future. We appreciate your choice to study with

We welcomed a new group of Algerian students to the Academy last month. This group was really committed to developing their English language skills, and their efforts paid off. There was a significant difference between their first and last days, and we were pleased with how much our students improved their writing and oral communication skills.

King Charles’ coronation is a special event that celebrates a new reign and a new beginning. Witness the coronation of King Charles with a grand procession, a banquet and a spectacular show, it’s sure to be a memorable experience. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event on the 6th of May 2023. Following the coronation day, the

Higher Education Department has finalised 2023 Spring Term and our students will be at easter break until 13th May. Our Hospitality Management and International Travel and Tourism Management students studied theoretical background and practical applications of Professional Identity, Leadership and Management and Marketing Essentials modules. They were excited about the job interviews they would go through

On this splendid occasion, we wholeheartedly extend our warmest congratulations to the exceptional English graduates who have successfully concluded their educational journey at DAL (Distinguished Academy of Languages). Their unwavering determination, tireless efforts, and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge have propelled them towards the realization of their aspirations. As they embark upon new horizons,

As we gradually transition into the vibrant season of Spring, here at DAL (Distinguished Academy of Languages), our utmost dedication lies in enhancing the level of grammatical accuracy in both oral and written communication. Our diligent students have taken upon themselves the task of incorporating their recently acquired grammatical prowess into their everyday conversations, in-class debates,