April Newsletter – 2024

Throughout the month, we have been running both face to face and online English courses, with our students developing grammatical accuracy and fluency through a range of interesting and engaging activities. Both upper intermediate and elementary classes have been progressing, developing their listening skills as well. Students are becoming more confident as their understanding grows.


English Language

Throughout the month, we have been running both face to face and online English courses, with our students developing grammatical accuracy and fluency through a range of interesting and engaging activities. Both upper intermediate and elementary classes have been progressing, developing their listening skills as well. Students are becoming more confident as their understanding grows.

Higher Education

We recently hosted a vibrant well-being day for our higher education students specializing in Hospitality Management and International Travel and Tourism. The day was full of exciting activities. One of the highlights was a thrilling treasure hunt set within our company’s restaurants, where level 5 students enthusiastically embarked on a quest to uncover hidden gems while enjoying the delectable offerings of our culinary establishments. They had a chance for a Q&A session with the restaurant manager at Ev Restaurant, then attended a martini workshop at the bar and finally a cooking workshop at Tas The Cut Restaurant. Meanwhile, Level 4 students had the opportunity to explore our partner Limehouse Library Hotel, immersing themselves in its elegant ambiance and gaining valuable insights into the hospitality industry. The event was not only fun but also provided a valuable hands-on experience, further enriching the students’ learning journey at Docklands Academy London


Since you have graduated from Docklands Academy London, have you been looking to further your studies? If you are unsure about what to do next, we recommend you have a look at these platforms that will help give you a push forward.

International in London

03 April & 17 April

Join the vibrant international community where you can make friends from around the world and engage in language exchange. Whether you’re a bilingual or just starting to learn a new language, this platform offers a diverse range of participants speaking various languages, with English and the local language always accessible. Immerse yourself in cultural exchange, broaden your horizons, and enhance your language skills through meaningful conversations and connections with people from different backgrounds and corners of the globe

Network ITT Conference 2024

04 April

Step into the vibrant atmosphere of the Phoenix Arts Club’s lively theatre bar and join the Network ITT, an event designed to foster meaningful connections within the industry. From 5:30-7 pm, they’ve reserved a dedicated space where you can mingle and network with professionals from various sectors. Admission is free, and while drinks are available for purchase, there’s no obligation to partake. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your network and forge valuable relationships. Reserve your spot and seize the chance to connect with like-minded individuals in a relaxed and inviting setting

Special Offers & Discounts

At Docklands Academy London, we are offering our Alumni a very special offer! If you register a friend, you will be entitled to a free English class for a week! The person you recommend will be offered a %20 discount! You can contact us for more information!

Career Events

We are grateful for the opportunity to have been invited to participate in your careers fair, Greatfields School. It was a valuable experience for us to engage with your students and discuss our courses. We were particularly delighted by the enthusiastic interest shown by many students in our program focusing on Hospitality Management.

We held a prize draw among the students who demonstrated interest in our courses, and the lucky winner won a three-course meal at our partner restaurant, Hazev, in Canary Wharf.

In the coming months, Docklands Academy London will be visiting more schools to take part in careers fayres. We are looking forward to talking to students about our academy and the courses we offer.

Health and Wellbeing

07 April - World Health Day

World Health Day, observed annually on April 7th, serves as a pivotal reminder of the significance of global health and well-being. Established by the World Health Organization (WHO), this day highlights crucial health issues and mobilizes efforts to address them worldwide. In 2024, the theme for World Health Day is ‘My health, my right,’ emphasizing the fundamental right of every individual to access healthcare services without discrimination or financial burden. This theme underscores the importance of empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. It aims to raise awareness, spark dialogue, and inspire action towards achieving healthier lifestyles and sustainable healthcare systems for all.
In honor of World Health Day on April 7th, Docklands Academy London is committed to raising awareness about global health issues among our students. We’ll integrate discussions and activities focused on understanding prevalent health concerns, including mental well-being, and promoting healthy habits, such as hosting a webinar. Details coming soon! Let’s celebrate World Health Day by prioritising our well-being and fostering a healthier future together!

Student of the Month
March 2024


Congratulations, Andreea-Sandra! You are our Student of the Month!


You were selected based on your diligence and the extent to which you have increased your self-assurance during your first term at DAL.

You will recieve a voucher that can be redeemed in our Canteen for
One Free Meal!


Well Done!

Field Trips

April 2024

Old Bailey

March has been a fascinating month for trips out and about in London. As part of our study of crime and the legal system, students paid a visit to the Old Bailey Court in Central London. The Old Bailey offers the public access to trials and our visit to the public gallery was insightful, offering a glimpse into the workings of the judicial system and also providing students with an excellent opportunity to improve their listening skills.

Horniman Museum and Gardens

Our class went on an trip to the Horniman Museum. We were captivated by the fascinating exhibits. The museum had an incredible collection that left us impressed. From ancient artifacts to modern art installations, there was something for everyone. We also wandered into the museum’s beautiful gardens. It was a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. One of the highlights was the amazing view of London from the museum.

Social Calendar March 2024

Here are some activities with the teachers of Docklands Academy London

Springtime Stroll in Hyde Park

Join us for a delightful stroll amidst the lush beauty of Hyde Park, London’s beloved green oasis. Take in the enchanting blooms, tranquil lakes, and, weather permitting, relish a charming picnic amidst nature’s embrace.
with Paul

Day Trip to Windsor Castle

Discover the grandeur of Windsor Castle, a historic marvel and the largest occupied castle globally. Join us for a guided exploration of its majestic State Apartments, the awe-inspiring St. George’s Chapel, and the picturesque surrounding grounds. Embark on this journey of regal splendor with us!

with Paul

Exploring Borough Market

Borough Market is a culinary haven nestled in the heart of London. Delight your senses with an array of delectable offerings – from artisanal cheeses to gourmet street eats, fresh produce, and exotic international flavors. Come savor the tastes of Borough Market with fellow food enthusiasts!

with Raajal

Walking Along the Thames Riverside

Join us for a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Thames River and immerse yourself in the stunning vistas of London’s most renowned landmarks. Experience the tranquility of the water as we take in breathtaking views of iconic sights like the Tower of London, the London Eye, and the majestic Houses of Parliament.

with Raajal

Social Calendar March 2024

Here are a few suggestions of what you can do in London this month

Greenwich Park

In April, London’s Greenwich Park bursts to life with cherry blossoms, painting the landscape with shades of pink and white. The air is filled with their sweet scent as visitors stroll beneath the graceful trees, pausing for picnics and photographs. Bees buzz among the blossoms, adding to the park’s lively ambiance. You can enjoy the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature. Against the backdrop of historic buildings and lush lawns, the sight of cherry blossoms is simply breathtaking.

Anne Desmet: Kaleidoscope/London

Embark on a captivating journey through space and time at ‘Anne Desmet: Kaleidoscope/London’, the new exhibition at Guildhall Art Gallery. From 12 April to 8 September 2024, discover a fresh perspective on London, its architecture and geography at this new exhibition created by multi-award-winning wood engraver Anne Desmet. The exhibition will feature 150 works, including 41 London-themed kaleidoscopic prints created exclusively for this new exhibition. A must-visit exhibition for art lovers, curated by Anne Desmet and Head of Guildhall Art Gallery Elizabeth Scott. Admission is ‘Pay What You Can’.

Show of the Month

Much Ado About Nothing

Welcome to a luxurious paradise in the Globe Theatre this summer as love in its many forms is celebrated in Shakespeare’s timeless comedy, Much Ado About Nothing.

After years of war, an idyllic Italian town is finally back in bloom. But young lovers Claudio and Hero, and sparring singletons Beatrice and Benedick, soon discover that all is not as it seems in their beautiful surrounds as they become entangled in a series of mischievous games, pranks and plots

Sport of the Month

London Marathon

The London Marathon, one of the world’s most renowned long-distance races, takes place annually in April. Thousands of runners from around the globe converge on the streets of London to participate in this iconic event. The marathon route winds through the city’s historic landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, The Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf, providing a scenic and challenging course. Spectators line the streets, cheering on the runners as they strive to achieve their personal bests and cross the finish line in triumph.

For enquiries about the sign up process for the show and sport of the month, please contact our Administrator and Library Assistant Oyku Kocakahya at oko@docklandsacademy.co.uk