As Docklands Academy London, we are welcoming new students for our Higher Education courses every day. To take the next step in your education and increase your employability reserve your placement test via ⠀ We have carried out risk assessments for Covid-19 and taken all the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. Please help

As Docklands Academy London, we are now offering Online Interactive Learning. Students now have a chance to support their General English and Higher Education studies via #DALinteractive. Start subscribing Docklands Academy London’s YouTube channel now and do not miss our videos! #docklandsacademy #learnwhileyouearn⠀

Everyday we are meeting with new students and creating an online learning environment where our students communicate with our native teachers from their homes. You can now join DAL online interactive from our website and start meeting/communicating with our international students and native teachers! #DocklandsAcademyLondon #DALinteractive #Learnwhileyouearn

Are you bored at staying home? Here is another isolation tip where you can increase your physical and moral attributes. Strengthen and stretch your body now with yoga! There are many useful videos including personal trainers. - Here is an example for you to start your first session! >> #isolationtip #stayhome #DocklandsAcademyLondon #Learnwhileyouearn

During the lockdown, here is another tip where you can spend your time by improving your knowledge. Many art galleries, museums and travel destinations are now offering online virtual tours. In addition, virtual travel is not only fun and exciting, it’s helping us see and understand places we’ve only dreamed about going. - Here is an example