Business English

Business English


About this course

Our English for Business course focuses upon the functional language required in the world of business and marketing. Our college is situated on the edge of Canary Wharf, so you will find yourself perfectly located for entering the business world. The minimum study time for the course is a week, although we recommend a month to fully explore the language and practical elements of the course.


The course features the following topics, which can be adapted to suit the needs of individual learners or groups:

  1. Socialising / Small talk / Cultural Difference Awareness
  2. Language for phone conversations
  3. Language for Meetings (Chairing, setting the agenda, moderating, turn-taking etc.)
  4. Business Correspondence – register, style and standard phrases (Memos, Letters, E-mailing, reports etc.)
  5. CV writing (also Cover Letters)
  6. Business Interviews
  7. Negotiation (agreeing, disagreeing, giving explanations, taking the floor, interrupting, asking for opinions etc)
  8. Giving Presentations
  9. Colloquial Business Language
  10. Finance / Accounting English (Dealing with numbers and figures, Describing trends, Corporate finance vocabulary, Understanding and producing financial reports etc.)
  11. Process Management (Describing processes, Cause and Effect / Process Essays, Criticising – recommending, quality assurance etc.)

At the end of the course, successful candidates will receive a certificate of attendance and course completion.

Entry Requirements

You must be 16 years-old or over at the time of registration. You must be A2 Level of the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) to start the course.  You may need a Student Visitor Visa depending on which country you come from.

Business English Course

Course Length: 1-50 weeks

Enrolment: Join this course at any time of the year and start classes any day except for weekends and Bank Holidays when we are closed.

Bank Holidays


Christmas / Saturday 25 December 22 Good Friday 07 April 23
Boxing Day / Sunday 26 December 22 Easter Monday 10 April 23
Christmas (substitute) 27 December 22 Early May / Monday 01 May 23
New Year’s Eve/Saturday 01 January 23 Coronotion Day 08 May 23
New Year’s Eve (subs.) 03 January 23 Spring Bank / Monday 29 May 23
    Summer Bank / Monday 28 August 22


Average class size: 7

Maximum class size: 15

Days per week: Mon – Fri

Lesson times: 13:00 – 16:15

Hours per week: 3 to 15

Course Cost

1 week 15 hours: £130 (rates are lower when you book for longer periods)


£50      Courses up to 4 weeks (students may pay more to buy the coursebook if they wish)

£75      Courses more than 4 weeks (includes the cost of the coursebook)


“If you want to take an IELTS exam, the cost is between £165 and £195 and you can choose a test centre and test date by following the link below:


If you want to take a Cambridge exam (FCE, CAE .etc), the cost is between £150 and £160 and you can choose a test centre and test date by following the link below:


Your teacher can help select an appropriate exam, test centre and date for you if you need their assistance.”

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