Academic English

Academic English


About this course

These classes are designed for students who need English to study at university. These include learning most frequently used academic words and subject specific vocabulary as required. You will learn how to listen and take notes in lectures, write academic essays and give presentations.  Formal academic writing conventions are taught, including correct use of language and expressions, citing and referencing of sources.  


Teachers follow a course book for part of the time but also base a lot of the lessons on your needs.  Tutorials help inform our experienced teachers what you prefer and need from the course. You will be given as much homework as you like and a test every Monday so you can see your progress.

Entry Requirements

You must be 16 years-old or over at the time of registration. You should take our English placement and must be B1 Level of the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) to start the course.  You may need a Student Visitor Visa depending on which country you come from.

Academic English Course

Course Length: 1-12

Enrolment: Join this course at any time of the year and start classes any day except for weekends and Bank Holidays when we are closed.

Public Holidays

Christmas / Saturday 25 December 23 Good Friday 29 March 24
Boxing Day / Sunday 26 December 23 Easter Monday 01 April 24
Christmas (substitute) 27 December 23 Early May / Monday 06 May 24
New Year’s Eve/Saturday 01 January 24 Spring Public Holiday / Monday 27 May 24
New Year’s Eve (subs.) 03 January 24 Summer Public Holiday / Monday 26 August 24

Average class size: 

Maximum class size: 15

Days per week: Mon – Fri

Lesson times: 9:00 – 12:15 and/or 13:00 – 16:15

Hours per week: up to 15

Course Cost

12 weeks 15 hours per week: £130 (rates are lower when you book for longer)


£50      Courses up to 4 weeks (students may pay more to buy the coursebook if they wish)

£75      Courses more than 4 weeks (includes the cost of the coursebook)




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