Docklands Academy June Newsletter

Environmental day June 2021

It is our responsibility to keep our surroundings green, clean and safe. “Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have a better future” – Happy Environment Day 2021 –



Welcome back students June 2021

Welcome to all the students and lecturers returning back at the Academy. We are on our 2nd week back and let us continue to keep ourselves and others safe by following the COVID-19 preventions in and around the building. This can be done by wearing masks and practicing social distancing, as well as taking COVID-19 tests on a regular basis. We have 2 more weeks to go before summer vacation, so lets all make good use of the face to face lessons and resources we have in the academy.

Stay safe everyone!



Higher Education

Summer Semester  : Face-to-Face Lessons Resume

We are delighted to announce that face-to-face teaching will start again this month on 7 June for weekday students and 12 June for weekend students. Delivery will be blended, with Tuesday and Sunday lessons continuing online. The Academy has carried out an extensive risk assessment for COVID-19. Classrooms are socially distanced, with the wearing of masks mandatory unless exempt for health reasons. Breaktimes are staggered so that classes can operate in bubbles. The Academy requests that students carry out a Lateral Flow COVID-19 test before and after classes, and results must be logged on the Academy’s portal. The Academy is well- ventilated and hand-sanitising stations can be found throughout.

Important information about Lateral Flow Testing (LFT):

All students and staff are strongly encouraged to do Lateral Flow Testing (LFT)which will help all of us to protect each other. Although the government regulations are easing down the restrictions, all of us must still be alert and extremely cautious not to contribute to the spread of the Covid-19. The test takes only 5 minutes to do and will definitely protect especially our vulnerable peers and colleagues against the virus. As it can be understood from the details given below, the tests are quite easy to obtain, apply and get the results in just 30 mins.

All the staff                >       every 3-4 days
All of the students    >       Weekday Groups (every Sunday & Tuesday
Weekend Groups (every Friday & Sunday evenings)


How to obtain the Test:

Tests can be either (free of charge):

  •  ordered at //,
  • ordered by phone > 119 (calls are free)
  •  collected from or


How to apply the Test:

  • Help and support is available (//,
    including instructions in different languages on how to test and report the
    results and a video showing you how to take the test.
  • Please watch the video instructions for easy application steps
    at //

How to Register the Test Result:

  • First, report the test resulton the day you take the test at //
  • Then, you will receive an NHS COVID-19 Notification result as a text
    message to your mobile phone.
  • Finally, register your result to our Testing Result Log
    at who has not taken the test and registered their results to our Testing Result
    Log at net/nhstestresultlog in the frequency mentioned below will be directed to a
    specifically designated class where they will study the lesson contents of that day
    separately. Unfortunately, they will not be allowed to make use of the facilities such
    as the canteen and library. Their lecturers will guide them in terms of what to do till
    the end of the related session.
    Further details can be found:




Face-to-Face Courses

Can’t come to the UK this summer? Try one of our hugely popular online courses instead. For more information go to:

Docklands Academy London June 2021 Social Calendar

Museums are Open!

The Wonderful V & A opens again in West London after lockdown restrictions have been eased. You can wander around the many varied rooms for free but like for all museums, be sure to book a slot. For those who love the children’s classic Alice in Wonderland there is a paid exhibition to be enjoyed. For more information and booking details go to:


After years of closure, the Geffrey Museum, one of London’s smaller but still
magnificent museums reopens in the fashionable East London. For more information
go to:

As the weather (finally!) gets warmer you might find yourself wanting to hang out in
some of the beautiful parks in London. If you are keen to tie in a bit of park relaxation
and culture, why not head to the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park . You can find out
more here:

COVID-19 Update

Vaccination Update

At the time of writing 58% of the population have received the first dose and 36% the second. Anyone over the age of 18 is now eligible for the vaccine.

Further Easing of Lockdown in the UK 

We saw further easing of lockdown last month, you can now socialise indoors in a group of up to 6 people or 2 households, including for overnight stays. Up to 30 people can meet outside. Pubs, theatres and other venues can open indoors. Hotels, hostels and B&Bs can open for people on holiday.

Note restrictions may be different for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For a
more extensive outline of the restrictions go to