FAQs on Accommodation

Can you organise a taxi to pick me up from the airport?

Yes, we can. Please e-mail us info@docklandsacademy.co.uk

Do you arrange accommodation for students?

We do not provide accommodation, but we can help you find places to stay. Please see our accommodation page.

What kinds of accommodation are available?

We can help you book 2 kinds of accommodation – host family stay and student halls

What are the prices?

The prices are all listed on our accommodation page.

Why is the accommodation so expensive?

London is a very expensive city and we will only recommend good quality accommodation.

I don’t like dogs or cats. Can you organise a house without them for me?

You can usually find a house without them.

What is host family stay?

See our accommodation page.

What is student halls?

A student residence is where students live in a house or flat together.

I have a problem with my accommodation, who do I speak to?

Please speak to the accommodation officer (Rose/Eglina).

How far is it from my accommodation to the school?

It depends, but we don’t like you to use accommodation more than 60 minutes commuting time from our school.

Will I get my own room?

You can choose to book either a single room or a twin room with host families or apartments. If you book a twin room in a host family you will be placed with another student of the same sex and of similar age, each with a single bed.

What type of accommodation do you recommend?

If you want to get to know as much as possible of the country and its people, we recommend that you stay with a host family.

If you want to have contact with international students, halls of residence are the ideal choice.

If independence is important for you, we recommend a hotel or an apartment.